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Many cities around the world were named after some famous personalities who perhaps lived in the city or founded the city itself. Some assumed nicknames because of some landmarks or natural formations that made the city famous. In the case of White Rock, BC, it is an actual white rock that weighs 486 tons that gave this city its famous name.The city is not kept white in reality, the residents actually maintaining the city white through coloring the city to keep it true its name. One of the factors you need to know is that the city has a whole year round moderate climate and they call it «the hole in the sky». The city shows bright and sunny most of the times while the rest of the Lower Mainland is covered with rain clouds.One of the attractions that people like in the city is the Tour de White Rock, a bike road race held in July and participated in by more than 150 bikers coming from around the area and from other countries as well. Late summer is when the Spirit of the Sea Festival is held by residents. It features fireworks display, sandcastle building competition, the usual parade and a host of other fun activities that last for two days.White Rock is truly the ideal vacation destination that would surely be the memorable one. You will enjoy the climate; the average temperature during summer is 23 degrees Celsius and winter time with average of 6 degrees Celsius. You will have the grand time viewing the Pacific Ocean and feel relax while walking along with the sandy 2.5 kilometer. No wonder why this city is the best place to go.There are many options on various package tours in this place where you and family can choose according to your preference. You will have a great time with the food, concert and arts and crafts boutique. The heart-expanding and sophisticated accommodation facilities are mainly located near the city; the hotels, resort, condos, and holiday apartments are situated at the excellent locations. They also provide camping site for all the campers.Make your trip a memorable one and visit this stunning place. Many who visited the place came back to live there permanently and maybe this is your chance to live there also. If you have been amazed by the city and planning to stay then this is the wisest decision you will make.

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Food lovers, concert goers, art connoisseurs and crab fisher will have something in common to enjoy in White Rock.

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