UPDATED Real vs Fake Off White T-shirt Review Guide

UPDATED Real vs Fake Off White T-shirt Review Guide

A newly updated real vs fake Off White t-shirt video guide. This authentic vs replica Off White Caravaggio t-shirt review guide shares tips on how to spot a fake Off White t-shirt in 2020.

Over the past few years, Off-White has grown to be one of the most popular fashion brands in the world. As a result, counterfeits have become more common and more accurate. When shopping online you should take time to legit check the Off-White t-shirt that you are thinking of purchasing, and this video will teach you how to do that.

Disclaimer – This channel does not promote counterfeit goods. This video was created for the sole purpose of educating those looking to buy the authentic product. Note that because products are subject to change over time, the tips provided here will not necessarily be applicable to your situation.

More Real vs Fake Authentication tips:

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  1. Another way to legit check is looking behind the main label. If there’s dark stitching on the back it’s real and if there isn’t it’s fake. Off-White FW 2020-2021 Also has a new feature with a QR code that you can scan to check the authenticity

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