Top 5 best apps to read Manga on Android and IOS in 2021

 Japanese manga has become popular and not many people even know about such names as Dragon Ball, Naruto or Demon Slayer anymore.  However, the Manga is not the only one.  Its rivals have begun to emerge and flourish, including Manhwa and Manhua.

 Manhwa represents the Korean comic industry and after three decades of being banned from production, it returned strongly when technology companies entered, led by Webtoon Naver, Manycomic, Lezhin comics.  It represents a new generation of Manhwa with a new name Webtoon, and creative manhwa genres including boys love (bl), girls love or manhwa 18 are extremely attractive.  Chinese comics, although the works are high quality but not focused on global expansion.Not only focus on Webtoon, Korea is also the leading game exporter in Asia, they are very smart when buying the copyright of  Ben 10 games, batman games, spiderman games, spongebob games to distribute, thereby creating great profits for game companies like Nexon or Naver, Daum.


 To have such popularity means that creators or entrepreneurs in the entertainment industry must be very quick and discover new needs.  Stop and enjoy the top 5 best webtoon reading Android and IOS apps below!


 Read Free Comics

 Read Free Comics is an application that connects more than 20 famous manhwa reading websites such as,, manytoon,,, … Therefore, can be considered as an application.  Most recent manhwa synthesis.  You can search and download stories easily, at no cost.  However, not all stories are of good quality and advertisements appear in many ways.


 Light Novel

 Light Novel is the application of the popular free manga magazine, home to popular novels of korean novels, japanese novels, chinaese novels, in addition to manhwa and action-packed manga like Boruto, My.  Hero Academia, Dr.  Stone, Dragon Ball Super, One Piece… And you can read the latest chapters of these hit manga for free and on the same day as the Japanese release date.  But if you want to remove the limit of reading only 100 stories per day, you only need to pay an extra $ 1.99 / month. currently has more than 15,000 yaoi manga translated into English.  Besides reading yaoi manga, you can join thousands of other users on the app’s forum. interface is quite simple, sometimes slow to load and contains ads, but free and quality is still the big attraction of the app.


 Free Comic Online

 Free comic online has reached over 1 million downloads on the Play Store and owns more than 100,000 manga (some manhwa and manga may be restricted in certain countries).  This is a professional manga reader application with a well-completed interface, supports many reading modes and basic features such as favorite, bookmarking and downloading manga.  The big difference of Free Comic Online is that it has an active customer support department.  You can pay $ 2.99 / month for unlimited manga downloads, unlock auto-sync, and block ads completely.  Currently, Manga Rock is not available on the iOS platform. is a «unique» manga reader with an open source platform, anyone can participate in the community, which means that the manga content is constantly being updated and the number of new manga.  very big.  The app developer also allows users to customize the look and feel of the application.  If you want to read a manga that is not currently updated, you can request it on the Github forum.  Currently is not available on the iOS platform.


 RecentlyFree Reprint Articles, there are 5 typical applications to help you enjoy quality manga for free.  Follow us for the latest manhwa and manga content!


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