Top 12 best websites you can read boys Love webtoon manga

Boys Love Webtoon began to get noticed and emerged in the early 2013s, but in fact Boys Love began to be creative in Japan in the 1990s when female writers began to penetrate into the male world write comics for women.


 Some Boys Love works began with the idea of creating a beautiful genre of love describing the relationship between boys, the love of Japanese boys is different from the Korean Boys Love Webtoon.  Then the doujins manga community of amateur female writers began writing their own created stories, sexualizing manga hentai doujins and manga hentai comics for boys, with male characters as lovers homosexual.


 Bl Webtoon Manhwa Hentai romance stories between androgynous men liberate women from the eyes of judgment and create a world that frees them from the narrow social norms of reality.


 Soonbo comic writer played an important role in creating the BL genre trend with Vampire Heart, Love Shuttle in her 2017 to 2018.With the way to collect money via coins, free webtoon coins will save  A lot of expenses for boys love lovers.



 This is obviously a new mass culture, a series of words dedicated to these genres that have been developed such as Boys Love webtoon, Bl Manga, Bl webtoon or Bl doujins.  In which you can not ignore Free Boys Love Webtoon Manga or Free webcomics Manga is a hot keyword group in Japan.


 This phrase appeared in the beginning of 2016 among the Boys Love fan community and anime animation, Boys Love Manga in Japan as a brand acknowledging the mismatch in a woman’s official culture and  Romantic relationship between men.


 Why should you try reading BL once in a lifetime?


 A female fan, a freshman at the University of Chicago, said the biggest attraction of BL media is that female readers can feel a beautiful, pure but unrealistic love.  It is part of a world that readers can hardly experience in real life.  The obstacles for the characters to get to each other are dramatic and painful, it’s very different from the usual male and female love stories, thus making female fans find Boys Love stories romantic.  more, it is more introspective to satisfy the special emotional feelings of female readers.  Greater difficulty for the characters to get close and get together brings readers excitement.


 Reading boys love is 80% female and 20% gay.  In order for the characters to love each other in the context of a high tragedy, including social resistance to homosexuality, it is respect for a pure love that ignores one’s judgments.  other.  BL is noble.


 Below is a list of Top 12 best websites you can read boys Love webtoon manga.



 1 – Naver Webtoon

 2 – Lezhin Comics

 3 – Tapas media

 4 – Manytoon Comics

 6 –

 7 – Net Comics

 8 –

 9 – Tappytoon Comics

 10 –


 12 – Manycomic Entertainment

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