The Japanese entertainment industry began to show signs of booming in the early 1990s to the early 2000s, bringing with it a strong development with the influence of anime, manga and works.  hentai, doujins, Manga Hentai became the most popular entertainment genre not only in Japan but also spread to neighboring countries at that time.  However, from the 2000s onwards, the free manga system of Japan has begun to reveal limitations, which are mainly limited to community licensing and also illegal scanning.  There has been no continuous remedy, which has caused a number of inadequacies in the industry.  As the free manga struggled to cope with difficulties, a new comic «challenger» began to emerge with the name commonly known as «Webtoon Manhwa» or Korean Webtoons .The emergence of Manhwa Webtoon comics system originating from Korea has brought many changes in the structure of comic field in the world.  Unlike free manga with only black and white, webtoon manhwa is a full-color comic genre that helps readers feel more authentic when reading stories.  Manhwa Webtoon has diverse stories spanning almost every topic and content that makes readers never feel bored once you are a fan of Manhwa Korean Webtoon.  Here is a list of 10 websites and a collection of top 10 most famous manhwa that you must read once to get closer to the Korean comic entertainment industry.


 Some works by Toomics, Lezhin, and Toptoon include: The Family Tree, Collapse & Rewind, Boys are Boys, My Aunt, Close as Neighbors, The Secret Friend, Dog on Patrol, The Perfect Roommates, My stepmom, Campfire Stories ,.  .. resonate with readers.


 Visit the top 10 webtoon websites below to read great manhwa webtoon series.


 1 – Webtoon Line

 2 – Toomics Comics

 3 – Manycomic Entertainment

 4 – Manytoon Comics

 6 –

 7 – Net Comics

 8 –

 9 – Tappytoon Comics

 10 –


 «An incomplete life», commonly known as «Misaeng» in the Korean comic market, writes about the life of an ordinary employee in the company office, composed by author Yoon Tae Ho.  both content and graphics.  The main character of Manhwa is Jang Ge Rea – a genius player in baduk board game (an abstract strategy board game for two players in order to capture more territory than the opponent).  But when he failed to become a professional gamer, he decided to quit as a trainee at One International through an acquaintance’s recommendation.  Only by taking a high school equivalency test on his resume, Jang Ge Rea was treated badly by his colleague again and again, until Jang Geu Rea could prove himself.  I am a hard worker and use baduk as a great instruction book by me.  «Misaeng» has been adapted by the producers to the drama and now you can enjoy it on Netflix.

 «The Sound of Your Heart,» in Korean as «Maeumi Sori», was written and painted by artist Jo Seok.  The Manhwa series is written in a creative way because it acts as a sitcom, telling different stories about Cho Seok’s adventure with his family and wife, Aebong.  «The sound of your heart» has its own inbuilt comedy, plus witty expressions, sometimes satirical or mocking, parody of prominent social issues in the community.  copper.  Because of that humorous, satirical nature, most of the manhwa’s paintings are a little exaggerated in their character’s exaggerated characteristics.  If you are looking for a webtoon for entertainment on weekends then surely «The sound of your heart» will be a right choice.

 Unlike the two manhwa above, Our Companionship, Korean fans often called «Hohyeonghoje», was written the content by Ken and created the paintings in the story by Ant Studio.  This story focuses on Sang Hwa, the main character who falls in love with his seemingly perfect close friend Ryuh Han.  Not knowing how to confess his feelings, Sang Hwa decided to join Lessa, an MMO that is losing popularity, to escape his unrequited love.  But when he accidentally met Ryuh Han, a friend in his online game, the two immediately recognized each other in that life.  Although this interesting story has not yet been fully released in the English version, it was completed in the 36th chapter in Korea.

 Solo Leveling, known in Korea as Na Honjaman Level-Up, is a manhwa adapted from a long-running novel series of the same name in 2016. Fans of anime isekai like Sword Art Online and action genre  Dynamic will definitely love this attractive manhwa.  10 years ago, after the portal connecting the real world and the monster world opened, people were given the right to hunt monsters in it.  When Sung Jin Woo, an E-Rank Hunter, suddenly received special powers to see the secret mission diary, something that only he could see, from which he learned the secret of how to  level up.  Precisely because of that, it didn’t take him long to rise up to become the strongest rank, the S-rank Hunter.

 «Hwangje-ui Oedongttal», internationally known as «Daughter of the Emperor», was co-composed by RINO and Yunsul.  If you are a hard fan of isekai, then this manhwa name will definitely not be a strange work.  After the murder case of a 24-year-old woman murdered, the victim woke up and found herself reborn as a strange child: Ariadna Lereg Ilestri Pre Agrigent.  But that is not all.  She was born the only daughter of the Emperor, a cold-blooded conqueror of the ten empires and a nightmare for all continents, Caitel Lereg Ilestri Pre Agrigent.  This is a unique story with Ariadna’s witty inner monologue and her parent-child relationship with Caitel.  Countless other surprises are waiting for readers to discover this excellent manhwa on their own.

 Love Alarm is written by one of Korea’s most popular graphic novelists, Chon Kye Young.  The story focuses on three characters: Kim Jo-jo, a young and hard-working girl, despite her painful past, Hwang Sun-oh, a handsome model who is also a rich man.  , and his brother and close friend, who are secretly in love with Jo-jo, Lee Hye-young.  The webtoon series was also adapted into a Korean drama in 2019 and produced by Netflix.  The film was a huge success in the entertainment world in general and in the online comic field in particular, and the second season was announced this year, so if you do not like reading stories, you can also replace them.  by enjoying the episodes on Netflix, however the emotions will be somewhat different from the original comic.

 The Sock Monster, also known in Korea as Yangmaldokkaebi, was written and illustrated by Manmulsang.  The context of the manhwa is based on «The Island of Four Seasons».  It is made up of four villages: Autumn leaves in five colors, Snowflake Village, Bright Sun Village and Spring Flower Village.  The story is about an adventurous girl, Sujin, who is hired to work at Bigfoot Bank in Snowflake Village.  On her journey, she met many unreal, imaginative creatures and friends in fairy tales … as well as discovering that her socks were missing.  This attractive manhwa is absolutely suitable for people who like fantasy elements, not real, especially fans of famous fantasy manga.

 Noblesse is a manhwa whose popularity is not limited to the nation of Korea but also spread globally.  Noblesse is even adapted into two anime versions about to be released here.  The webtoon series was written by Son Jeho and illustrated by paintings by Lee Kwangsu, and it was also honored to be one of the first manhwa to receive an English translation.

 Noblesse focused on a powerful aristocrat, named Cadis Etrama Di Raizel, who had slept 820 years without knowing anything about human advances or other advanced scientific and technological equipment.  As the protagonist reunites with his loyal servant Frankenstein and befriends a few other high school students, the story begins to turn to follow the group’s adventures against a secret organization while exploring.  to the past of Cadis.

 «Chese in the trap» is an extremely popular webtoon series in the Korean comic market, created by Soonkki.  It was first released on Korea’s second largest Internet portal Naver Webtoon in 2010 and published as manhwa in 2012. It inspired a Korean drama, one of the films.  rated the highest in the history of dramas, moreover it was adapted into a film version and was published in multiple languages.


 The film tells the story of Hong Seol University student, a beautiful and hard-working college student, Yoo Jung, a handsome senior with a cheerful personality, a talented pianist with a troubled past, Baek  In-ho and his useless little sister, Yoo Jung’s lover, Baek In Ha.  «Cheese in the Trap» is a perfect manhwa for those who desire a romance with themes of social and psychological issues.

 In the end, Bastard is the final entry at number one on this list.  Bastard was written by Carnby Kim and illustrated by Young Chan Hwang.  This horror manhwa set will lead the reader into turns and the pinnacle twist rarely seen in Korean manhwa sets.  Seon Jin, the protagonist of the manhwa, has no safe place to go: he is constantly bullied at school and at home, his father being the source of nightmares.  Not haunted, not spiritual, «Bastard» is the obsession of viewers with a sentence summed up the content of the whole series: «There is a murderer living in my house.»  This mass murderer is the cause of the disappearances of people in the neighborhood respectively.  Drive «Bastard» with a secret deep in the house, led by a notorious murderer, the reader will experience a kind of scary events.  The gloomy atmosphere bap boss and the mystery about the murderer will be little by little revealed.  The style of painting of the author from everyday life, pure to gradual, abstract, carries in her the strange, strange.

 With all these exciting bonus points, «The Bastard» deserves to be the No. 1 throne for international fans when they step into this wonderful manhwa favorite road!


Both Free Manga or Manhwa Webtoon created the genre of stories including: Action, fiction, detective, horror, mature, Romance, drama and especially Boys Love ( Bl ) Webtoon, also known as Yaoi.  Raw manhwa episodes are usually released weekly.


 The film adaptations from webtoon manhwa have a different style from the doujins manga that are so familiar to global readers.  With the rapid developmentFeature Articles, more and more manhwa webtoon series are released and help readers read free webtoon manhwa with rich and new content and it will definitely be a source of content that is also broadcasted by Korean television.  National endless exploitation.

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