Top 10+ Best Webtoon Manga Websites that you should read

Entering the 21st century, the comic book industry has witnessed a decaying regret. The printing industry has been on the brink of collapse. Online sales have not had a breakthrough growth. After the resounding success of Marvel in the film field, revitalizing the global comic industry with superheroes. Serial film series have been serializing in recent years and it’s a decade for Marvel superheroes, thanks to this push and technology breakthrough that has brought a new experience to comic book users. Works from Manga, Manhwa, or Manhua have the opportunity to develop and expand globally.

As the global entertainment industry was witnessing a decline due to the epidemic in early 2020, a new force has risen sharply, overwhelming almost all other entertainment media in the field of stories alone. Online paintings, with prominent names to be mentioned, include: Webtoon Naver, Lezhin Comics, Manycomic Entertainment, Manytoon Comics .. in the Asian market, Webtoon is an important card of the entertainment industry in Korea Quoc. The name Webtoon Manhwa appears too often with a continuous frequency in recent times, from dramas to movies or even to the fields of music, tourism, electronics, gaming, … imprinted with footprints of Webtoon Manhwa. For the same reason, readers will easily mistake that Japanese Manga has lost its inherent position to Webtoon Manhwa. But the reality is not so. As Webtoon tries to expand its sphere of influence, Manga is also trying its best to strengthen its position using the «excellent quality» business tactic. Therefore, the average sales of Manga in recent years have changed and kept stable and increased over 15% of revenue thanks to becoming a long-term partner and a regular source for Anime, manga, or doujins have gained international exposure, Free Manga Online has also enjoyed great growth over the past few years.

The good news is that while free manga and Doujins are still on the rise, a number of Free Manga or Webtoon Manhwa distributors are legally licensed, bringing thousands of unique, interesting, and interesting titles. The quality is distributed on paid comic platforms such as Toomics, Manycomic, Lezhin, Tapas… This is an extremely important thing for world readers and comic book creators from sources. be licensed. So we came up with a list of great websites and apps where you can read your manga Manga, Korean Webtoon Manhwa, Manhua.

1. is the name of a series of websites run by independent creators. The Doujins create free manga comics and the official app of Doujins Inc., to read digital manga Manga or Webtoon with soothing novel works around the world. Every time you buy stories from these applications, customers will also accumulate many free coins depending on the value of the series that readers buy, these free coins can be used to purchase in the future. Membership rankings are based on your total spending, determined by calculating the amount you can earn for each purchase.

Comic Genre: Diversity (Including adult content series)

Price structure: Pay per work

Platform: Website / iOS / Android Application, Browser Viewer.

2. Lezhin Comics

Lezhin Comics allows users to choose to use headings in both Korean and English. Everything is free and readers are actively recruiting quality Korean Webtoon Manhwa sets, continuing to add to their extensive collection every week.

Genre: Variety, abundance

Price structure: Free

Platform: Android / Ios Website / App.

3. Toomics

Toomics is a Korean product that has a library of over 1,000 paid comic books and most of them are great Webtoon series for readers to choose from. Readers can purchase individual volumes per chapter or use an unlimited account Vip Members have unlimited reading access to some of the most popular webtoon.

Genre: Many genres

Price structure: Depending on the comic, subscription

Platform: Website / iOS / Android Application.

4. Coolmic

Coolmic is a comic reader just for mobile devices with many genres. Unlike other applications when using coins, Coolmic requires readers to buy the appropriate ticket package to unlock each chapter. Each chapter costs about 4-7 tickets to unlock, but the first chapter of each series is free, so you can always discover new things in the first chapters first and then decide whether you want to pay out to pay for this entire Manga series or not.

Genre: Romance, Seinen (Adult content)

Price structure: Pay-Per-Chapter

Platform: Website.

5. Manycomic

If you want to read 1,000 of the best Bl Webtoon comics or 500 excellent Webtoon Manhwa titles for $ 4.99 per month, you get premium access to Manycomic’s entire comic library! Premier users also have access to 18+ adult content including webtoon 18+ and bring hentai and watch free ads to get free coins to allow opening all chapters.

Genre: Very diverse

Price structure: Subscriptions

Platform: Website, iOS / Android Apps.

6. Wattpad

Founded by Wattpad, Inc. In 2007, Wattpad provided a collection of licensed titles from thousands of authors with the option to purchase either digital copies (soft copies) or physical copies (hard copies) if they were available.

Wattpad is also a perfect place for you to enjoy the famous Boys Love Manga or Girl Love Manga.

Categories: Diversity

Price structure: Pay per work

Platform: E-books, websites / Apps available in PDF, ePub, PRC MOBI and CBZ


Manhwahentai is a great platform including webtoon and manga and light novels! Readers only need to register to read the latest chapters as soon as they are released every week. You especially like a series and want to own it completely? You can purchase full e-books from many different distributors under the rights and partners of Manytoon Comics.

Genre: Many genres

Price structure: Register, pay for each work

Platform: iOS / Android applications; Electronic book available for iPad.


Readers can easily find something new about the Hentai or Doujins genre here. it could be a new genre of story, a new work, or even breaking news, so you can discover your next favorite. This application can meet the high demand of a variety of fastidious readers with a large number of popular genres such as Boys Love manga, bl webtoon, teen love webtoon, girls love webtoon, yaoi … ..

Price structure: Free

Platform: Webaite / iOS / Android.


One of the latest platforms that were launched in June 2018, Toptoon is an app that provides unlimited access to titles from 20 different publishers, including Manycomic, Manytoon, Lezhin, Toomics. , etc. Although currently, Mangamo is an application available only on iOS, experts and management teams are planning to soon launch the Android version to get closer to global readers.

10. Manytoon Comic

Manytoon’s goal is to bring the community of webtoon and manga lovers closer together to show support for the creators and bring unique mature webtoon and adult manga to help The never-before-seen manga hentai manga series and Doujins became the focus of the community. Readers need to register for an account and read the works completely free. This is the most popular adult webtoon site that resonates with readers.

Categories: Diversity and abundance

Price structure: free webtoon coins

Platform: Website / Ios / Android.

11. Netcomics

For the method of using the monthly subscription platform, Netcomics gives readers unlimited access to their vast library. Membership costs just $ 4.99 per month, but Netcomics’ comic library is currently FREE for all readers in May 2020! Netcomics is being developed using both iOS and Android browsers, enriching the reader’s part in the world.

12. Tapas Media

The Tapas app offers free preview chapters for selected sets and the total number of current volumes contains over 50,000 episodes. Subscriptions allow readers to enjoy up to 100 chapters a day for just $ 4.99 per month.

Genre: Abundant, nearly complete

Price structure: Register and pay per chapter

Platform: website / iOS / Android


In addition to the just mentioned above, readers should also try to enrich their Manga comics experience by using the Freewebtooncoins app to read the latest chapters of new free manga stories released at Japan. The most special feature of Freewebtooncoins is free coins and very cheap registration compared to other applications when each reader accepts a monthly subscription for only $ 0.99 to have access to the full library of more than 10,000 chapters in the library of this application. FREEWEBTOONCOINS is supported on both iOS and Android to help readers get the best experience here.

14. Comics Comics is a completely free and different application than the ones just mentioned above when its main categories are free manhua, free webtoon, free manga doujins, and many rich genres. and focus on webtoon and romance manga series. Webtoon Romance has an extensive library of countless love stories, with a new title released every day, Comics also brings a new dimension to the story rental service but is only available. through the coins earned when buying a digital book (soft copy).

With the 10+ best webtoon manhwa on the list aboveScience Articles, we are sure readers will feel comfortable with a wide range of options to suit their personal circumstances and interests. Get ready for an exciting upcoming webtoon and Manga adventure.

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