Madrid with kids

Amusement Park Madrid

One of the biggest leisure areas in Spain is in the Casa de Campo. There
are 48 rides and attractions where you will have a good time with your
family. You can spend one day having fun going on the rollercoasters and
the rapids, eating in a restaurant, watching a show or just going for a
walk surrounded by nature.

The amusement park is divided into five large theme areas:

Do you fancy some fright? Visit the old manor and have dinner with
Freddy Krueger or Hannibal Lecter. They’ll be happy to see you.

Warner Bros Park

Do you want to feel like a film star and shake hands with Bugs Bunny?

Warner Park is another place to visit Madrid with kids. It was opened 9 years ago in San Martin de la Vega, 25km from Madrid.

It’s divided into five theme areas:


A biological park which combines fun with educational purposes. You and
your kids will visit the world’s richest ecosystems, habitats and
natural surroundings. You will know nature and animals.

There are over 4,000 animals, different plant and tree species and documentaries on nature can be seen.

The main attraction of Faunia is, undoutedly, its animals: birds,
mammals and numerous fish species. It s a place where you can experience
nature. See, hear and smell animals and plants in their habitats.
Because the added-value of this park is the fact that it does not only
show animals, but ecosystems: the Amazon jungle, the Polar ecosystem,
the aviary…

Kids favourite is the farm where they can have a good time with chickens, roasters, a goat and see kangaroos jump.

The latest innovation of the park is Jurassic, a pavillion where you can learn how dinosaurs lived.

The park, in order to commemorate that 150 years ago, Charles Darwin
published his study on the origin, has created a thematic area about the
origin of life called Evolution.

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