I Spent Too Much Money On This T-Shirt… (Balenciaga)

I Spent Too Much Money On This T-Shirt… (Balenciaga)

I thought I might as well treat myself with something since I’ve been working hard for the past few months!

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  1. Spending through picking what makes you happy is very valuable 😊 than spending money for nothing is putting on a trash on your house. But it depends on it’s person preference’s have a good day 🤗

  2. yeah!😃 it fits perfectly good on you limmy, yeah your right! f your happy with it then it no reason for regrets anything !even if you spend a lot of money 💰 😊

  3. Good video, I just purchased two of my first ever Balenciaga articles of clothing. I treated myself to 2 pairs a of Balenciaga sneakers! I bought the Tyrex all in black and the Track 2’s in the red grey and blue colorway! So I feel ya man! I definitely didn’t hold back on treating myself!

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