FC Barcelona matches and ticket package

The football matches of FC Barcelona played in the home stadium Nou Camp has witnessed many exciting games. Barcelona matches are planned for play, at least one year earlier. Booking of tickets are done from the declaration of the schedule matches. No one, who loves football, can afford to skip matches between FC Barcelona and Madrid or Valencia. The excitement and interest in the matches sells out the tickets, as fast it is available. Earlier people bought the tickets in black market paying huge price. In recent times with the technological development, tickets are easily available and you buy the tickets online sitting at home. Online sale of tickets present package deal, where you have the chance to see the city as well as the match. It includes accommodation in star facility hotels along with breakfast. The fans choosing for this package get two FC Barcelona souvenirs. The stadium of FC Barcelona is the biggest in entire Europe. It has capacity to contain around 98,000 people. For visitors, there are plenty of fascinating places- like museum, aquarium, etc. to see, apart from the matches which is provided in the package. There are numerous websites, which offer the package, but it is required to try the official website on priority. With huge number of seats available, it is easy to get tickets, provided you buy on time. Many season ticket holders provide/sell their place to others to view the match. Seasoned tickets are hereditary and passed on to the rightful heir. However, season tickets have a extensive waiting list and you have to wait for your turn. The priority of the tickets is with the club members and then for public. Today ATM’s and cash machines of ‘La Caixa’ bank trade Barca tickets. Tickets are available in the stadium ticket office before the match, but you have to stand in line to get hold of it. Certified agents of the club through internet sell tickets for matches. Tribuna, on the main stand is expensive. The supporters usually take the top tier behind the Gol Sur. There are authorized agents who deliver the tickets in the desired address and in time. For FC Barcelona tickets and package, the reliable and best website is allaboutfcbarcelona.com. They sell service with ticket package. It comprises ticket of the match, souvenirFree Articles, city guide map and home delivery of tickets.

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