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Netflix to remove large number of movies and television series Here is a full list of movies and television series that will be removed over the next seven days.
Where is ‘Dipu’ now? A teenager named Arun Saha played the lead role in Dipu Number Two. At that time, he was only 13 years old.
Singer Borno Chakroborty dies of Covid-19 The 35-year old singer breathed his last around 10:41 pm on Saturday at a private hospital.
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Shakib Khan lambasts artistes’ association for suspending Pori Moni He recounted how artiste’s association used to support each other, but acted suspiciously in Pori Moni’s case.
How Dileep Kumar became AR Rahman Indian music maestro and virtuoso AR Rahman is celebrated across the world for his musical forte, having become one of the most famous music directors of present times.
Shomi Kaiser ties the knot Daughter of martyred intellectual Shahidullah Kaiser and former Member of Parliament Panna Kaiser, Shomi started her career as a television actress in 1989.

Aynabaji ranked world’s second highest rated film The transcription site has analysed the films made in 130 countries around the world and using their IMDb scores, worked out which have been the most highly rated in each.
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Pori Moni accuses businessman of assaulting and threatening her with murder Actor Shamsunnahar Smrity, popularly known as Pori Moni, has alleged that a businessman assaulted and threatened to murder her at Uttara Boat Club.
Humayun Ahmed’s family sends legal notice to Grameenphone Barrister Hamidul Mizbah sent a legal notice to Grameenphone on behalf of Humayun Ahmed’s wife Meher Afroz Shaon, daughter Nova Ahmed, Sheela Ahmed, Bipasha Ahmed, son Nuhash Humayun and brother Zafar Iqbal.
After Twitter suspension, fashion designers boycott Kangana Ranaut Kangana’s tweet sparked a furore and Indian fashion designers decided to boycott her and pledged not to have any further association with her.
From Charles Ponzi to Evaly’s Rassel: 100 years of Ponzi schemes Jamalpur Economic Zone ready for investors Default loans of 6 NBFIs double in 3 months until March MOST VIEWED Bangladeshi singer Pritom Ahmed to star in ‘The Crown’ Mahiya Mahi ties the knot with businessman Rakib Atlee’s film starring Shah Rukh Khan is inspired from Money Heist? 2 Bengalis buy a US house where Rabindranath stayed Popular Netflix series sparks new debate over S.Korea’s military conscription Lincoln and Mimosa become vocal against body shaming and cyber bullying Related News Biden commemorates 9/11 anniversary with stops at all three attack sites Digital Media Bangladesh 2021 to be held this September 4th anniversary of Rohingya exodus arrives with repatriation a far cry Top 10 most read economy articles End of two years, promise of a new journey More Videos from TBS SpaceX launches first civilian crew to orbit 8m | Videos Chaldal will double its capacity through foreign investment 1d | Videos Bonton Connect: All day internet at Tk5 1d | Videos A trade shortcut makes apparel exporters pay dearly 2d | Videos Most Read 1 Infrastructure A Kallyanpur eco-park planned to free canals 2 Education 2 IUB students awarded the prestigious Erasmus Scholarship 3 Bangladesh No gas supply for 8 hours in parts of Dhaka on Sunday 4 Stocks How banks fuelled stock prices 5 Corporates Commerce ministry to ask home ministry again for legal action against Evaly 6 World Biz Countries with the highest rape incidents Top Home Entertainment Sports About Us Bangladesh International Privacy Policy Comment Policy Contact Us Economy Sitemap RSS Contact Us The Business Standard
Top 10 most entertainment articles read entertainment articles
Top 10 most entertainment articles read entertainment articles
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