Authentic vs Fake NFL Jersey Comparison

Authentic vs Fake NFL Jersey Comparison

Have you ever wanted to purchase an NFL jersey wihout spending $100.00 or more? If you answered yes then this video is for you!

Today we’re looking at in depth comparison of an authentic full priced NFL jersey and a cheaper knock off jersey.

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Knock off-

Authentic –

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  1. The fake one looks better lol
    I honestly don’t mind at all, I’m repping my team and player, don’t care if I make my own jersey. The NFL makes enough money.

  2. I prefer the fake ones…good enough for me. Who wants to feed the NFL machine? Those frauds who give us such a corrupted and bribed product? It makes sense to own a fake jersey for a fake sport.

  3. Well I think I just ordered a fake one but that’s only because I couldn’t fine my size in an authentic one so fuck it this will be my very first fake jersey oh well life goes on !!!!

  4. My most expensive jersey cost me over 400€ (live in Germany). I bought it at fanatics USA and the quality is a joke. While the material and the shape is great, both numbers (front and back) are slightly croocked, the name on the back is worse crooked, nearly 1cm hight difference between the upper right and left corner of the name patch. There was no way to email fanatics usa, contact only via phone or chat and I should take the return costs for it, again nearly 40€. My cheapest jersey was a colour rush, used but like new for 50€ on ebay. The material feels a bit cheaper but all numbers, name and nike patches are perfect, nothing is crooked. And now I ordered 6 jerseys from China for maybe 150€ with the new NFL100 logo. The pictures look great, everything should be stitched according to the customer service. I’m curious how good are bad they will be. 🤗😏

  5. I only have one problem with fake jerseys. I have met quite a few people that lie about their fake jerseys. They claim their jerseys are real. Just own up to the fact that it’s fake.

  6. Trust me when i say just buy knockoffs. If u live with ur parents, don’t have kids, are a casual football fan or just have the money then buy the real one. Most ppl don’t have 100$ to buy a real one. I bought mines from the mall 8 years ago for 80$ but I didn’t have kids at the time either lol all my nba jerseys are knockoffs and u can’t tell until u flip them inside out. But who’s gonna know……..

  7. I’m my opinion… The tiny SHIT YOU POINTED OUT makes me NOW PREFER to buy the FAKE ONE!!! Of by centimeters… WOW!!! Go get a job you have to much time on ur hands

  8. BRO u got RIPPED OFF if you bought a fake for $29.99!!!
    BWAHAHAHAHA the fakes are $20.00
    FUCK AUTHENTIC!!! Your Jersey will be outdated in a few years after Nike changes all the tiny dumb shit this loser pointed out

  9. Just bought a fake eagles Jersey on eBay. It actually looks pretty good besides a couple things. The eagles logo coloring on some parts are a little off, and the middle eagles logo isn’t super accurate. BUT, it was only $35 and I’m satisfied honestly 🤷🏿‍♂️

  10. Hi from Germany.

    My first NFL Jerseys were from Fanatics europe on a Black Friday. I bought 4 and each was about 65€ and Game (so screenprinted). They were and are nice and I regulary looked it up for special offers. So I also got the Sherman Seahawks White Elite and Brees Color Rush for 49€ (outdated) and 80€. I gladly saw that this time they were stitched. I heared about chinese fake Jerseys but was afraid to buy because of Customs. Then I saw Jerseys on Amazon for about 35€ and thought to myself "what could go wrong?" They are stitched but in good quality. For my taste the even fit better. Of course you could see some faults after a few washing units like the printed tag on the inside is disappearing and the tag on the bottom right ist starting to loosen up. So I got what I payd for. But still, even if you have to cut some loose threads etc you get a very nice Jersey for about 10% of the original price you would pay for the official ones. Oh and BTW, that cut collar mentioned in the video was even on the official collars at that season. I also thought it looked dumb when I saw that on TV.

  11. Real NFL jerseys are made in El Salvador, Korea or Vietnam, whereas fake come from the same place or China. It would be different IF NFL jerseys were made in the USA then I could justify spending the price they demand, but they aren’t. If a knockoff is 90% accurate at half the price then it’s a no brainer. As for me, either the NFL moves production here to the states while creating jobs, or they drop jersey prices to something realistic. Since greed drives the NFL, I don’t see either happening, so I’ll continue to buy knock offs and laugh as they get closer and closer in replication.

  12. Authentic all day . I get mines from or at the mall. I’ve had knock off jerseys but I prefer authentic. I’m not balling -I’m just saying .

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