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In 2002-2004 Kobe experienced his ups and downs. In 2002, he finished 9 games consecutively and recorded 30 scores in each match. Besides, he got 6.9 rebounds, 5.9 assists and 2.2 steals per game. He reached his summit of professional life. On this occasion, he became the member of All-NBA and All-Defensive 1st team. In MVP poll, he stood the third position.After winning 50 games in the regular games, the Lakers were defeated by the winner of that year in the semifinals. In the 2003-04 seasons, with the help of All-Stars Malone and Payton the Lakers were able to maker another push at the NBA Champion. Before the game, Kobe was charged with sexual assault and was arrested. This caused him to absent from some matches. Sometimes he had to go to court earlier in the day and drove to the field to continue his competition. In the final game of the regular season, the competitors were the Lakers and the Trail Blazers. Kobe got two clear cut chances to lead the team win the championship, and received the name of the Pacific Division. In the last minutes of the fourth quarter, Kobe got a three-pointer and sent the match into extra time. Finally, the game went to the second over time and Kobe made another three points to win the game. With four super stars the Lakers went to the final game eventually. In the final game, they were defeated by the Detroit Pistons who got his first championship since 1990. In the series, Kobe averaged 22.6 scores and 4.4 secondary attacks only. So the former coach didn’t resign the contract with the Lakers and O’Neil was exchanged to the Heat. The next day, Kobe declined the offer of Clippers. And he renewed a seven-year contract which was valued 13.64 billion dollars.During the 2004-05 seasons, Kobe had a badly reputation for his last season’s matter. Thus, he was closely scrutinized. A new book named The Last Season recorded the last season’s turbulence. It also criticized Kobe. In the midway of the season, because of the health problem the coach quit the job. After the leaving of the major coach, the assistant coach held the team. Despite Kobe averaged 27.6 points in the league, the Lakers were playing very struggle and failed to make the playoffs. In the award contest, Kobe couldn’t enter the NBA All-Defensive Team and just got in the third team of the All-NBA. In this season, he opened his feuds with Allen and Malone.2005-06 was the crossroads of Kobe’s professional career. Despite the differences between Kobe and his past trainer, Jackson still came back to the team to train the teammates. Kobe agreed with this action. According to various performance proofs, these two guys had a great time in the second cooperation. Under their endeavor the Lakers went to the playoffs. Kobe’s individual scoring achievements also reached into a great point. In a game with Dallas, he recorded 62 scores in three quarters. He was regarded as the first player since the introduction of the timer. Kobe made a new record to the NBA.

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