pleasurable entertainment meaning in telugu

Premium Forums Dictionary Pronunciation Thesaurus Examples Rhymes entertaining – Meaning in Telugu entertaining Popularity: Difficulty: Pronunciation IPA: ɛntərteɪnmənt Telugu: ఏన్టర్టేన్మన్ట / ఏన్టర్టైన్మన్ట / ఏనర్టైన్మన్ట Transliterate Meanings of entertaining in Telugu noun  తమాషా విందు వినోదము వేడుక కాలం గడుపు సత్కారము ఆతిథ్యము Word Forms / Inflections entertainings
English to Telugu Dictionary: entertaining Meaning and meanings of entertaining, translating of entertaining in Telugu english language with same exact and a few time periods. Spoken diction of entertaining in English and in Telugu. Tags for the service «entertaining» What entertaining means of in Telugu, entertaining demonstration in Telugu, entertaining so considering, demonstration, dictions and different sorts of entertaining in Telugu. entertainment meaning in telugu Nike React Element 87 Retail
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pleasurable entertainment meaning in telugu
pleasurable entertainment meaning in telugu
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